You are part of a global movement – Quist


Today marks six months since the Quist app was released for iOS and Android devices. 15,000 downloads later, we’re proud of the conversations and interest in LGBTQ history this project has helped generate.
Though we were created in Baltimore, USA, Quist is a worldwide effort. Our researchers, donors, advertisers, and volunteers live around the globe, and so do you – our users.
To mark this anniversary we’ve updated our infographic with the latest numbers on where Quist has been downloaded. 16 in Russia, 8 in Saudi Arabia, 316 in Mexico, 22 in South Africa, 55 in Brazil, 6 in Pakistan, 39 in New Zealand, 137 in Germany, 2 in Morocco, 19 in Poland, 37 in the Philippines… 95 countries in all.
We hope you’ll feel inspired by how the Quist community is growing to help it grow further. Share this on your Facebook, email your family, text your friends… If you enjoy Quist, spread the LGBTQ history love!