SAND – Safe Ageing No Discrimination

SAND has been formed to raise community awareness and help local authorities, care providers and carers to address the fears and discrimination that may be experienced by older LGBT people and carers by overcoming prejudice in care, stopping negativity, protecting those who are vulnerable and encouraging openness about specific LGBT needs.
SAND has identified 3 priorities which we are working on to achieve this

  1. Empowering older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans* (LGBT) people: identifying issues impacting on them in care settings, ensuring access to information, supporting them to ‘come out’, outreach to isolated older LGBT people
  2. Targeting organisations (working together / empowering others): developing an approach to help care staff to ‘get that there is something to get’! Advise on good practice, hold organisations to account
  3. Influence: to embed good working practice, encourage appropriate service provision, to be advocates, to gather information, research and statistics

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