Surat pride 06-10-13

The Indian state of Gujurat will host its first LGBT pride march Sunday in the city of Surat.
Organized by the Gujarat LGBT Pride Festival (GLGBTPF) with the support of the Foram Foundation, marchers hope to draw attention to the political aspirations of India’s LGBTs and also call on the Supreme Court to finally release its ruling on challenges to the Delhi High Court’s striking down of India’s colonial era sodomy laws.
The march will begin at 10am at New Civil Court, Athwalines and will end at Kargil Chowk town square, Piplod at midday after a distance of 3 kilometers (about 2 miles).
Organizers say participants will march with slogans such as ‘No special rights, we just want equal rights’ and ‘Give me equal rights, take my vote.’
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