How's Russia's culture of homophobia was made in America

(from The New Civil Rights Movement)

Rachel Maddow has taken many facets of Russia’s anti-gay story and combined them into a disturbing and yet fascinating examination of the homophobia that is Russia. But she also shined an important light on how the anti-gay religious right has exported their special brand of hate to Moscow, specifically how people like NOM’s Brian Brown have impacted Russia’s anti-gay legislation, and how the American religious right is helping to create “a virulently anti-gay Russia.”

Maddow also covered the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer and the Family Leader’s Bob Vander Plaats, who both have heralded Russia and Putin as great examples of Christian morality.

“It turns out, actually, the anti-gay American right has been more than applauding Russia and Vladimir Putin as they enact all these anti-gay laws that they want here too… the anti-gay right has also been helping Russia do this.”

Maddow in a video report also covers new Russian legislation, which she suggests Brian Brown impacted, that would enable Russian authorities to come into the homes of LGBT people and same-sex couples and forcibly remove their children.


Full article and link to video reprt here