April Ashley: Portrait of a Lady

LGBT History Month patron Stephen Whittle OBE recommends:
Sarah and I had a fantastic , exhausting evening at the opening today of April Ashley; Portrait of a Lady at the Museum of LIverpool. If someone had told me back in 1974 when I worked in the Councillors Liason Office in Liverpool (answering letters from David Alton and Harold Wilson) that one day I would be attending such an event; an exhibition at a National museum all about people like us, I would have had a major breakdown. Good job they didn’t.
A fabulous exhibition in the most amazing museum I have ever seen – the most eclectic of places – definitely worth the trip for all gender variant folks,and their folks, kids, friends and neighbours. Don’t plan an hour – this exhibition alone takes more time than that, and there are another half a dozen equally exciting exhibitions. We will definitely be going back along the M62 with the kids
We spent today as guests at the new Homotopia exhibition: April Ashley; Portrait of a Lady, at the grand opening at the Museum of Liverpool . At Liverpool Town hall we met with the most erudite and witty bunch of speakers for the evening; April Ashley
herselfy, also the exceedingly wonderful camp and fabulous Lord Mayor and First Citizen of of Liverpool, Gary Millar and his Consort and partner Steven Macfarlane, former Deputy Prime-Minister Baron John Prescott of Kingston Upon Hull, and the fabulous folks from Homotopia; Gary Everett, Bev Ayre, Lou Louise Muddle, Toby Coffey and Tim Brunsden and must not forget of course the fantastic Museum Director; Janet Dugdale. SeeĀ http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/april-ashley-trans-hero-who-changed-world260913
andĀ http://www.gaystarnews.com/article/museum-opens-major-exhibition-april-ashley-and-british-trans-lives260913
Update: Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour: 4th October 2013