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RIP Amber Maxwell, a Rebel and a Fighter

The revolutionary socialist movement lost a great fighter on Saturday 24 August.
Amber Maxwell lived a difficult life. As a transgender woman, she found it impossible to find permanent work or accommodation. But through all her hardship, she put everything she had into the fight for socialism. Amber seemed to have boundless energy and enthusiasm for politics. Every week she would catch the bus from the homeless youth hostel where she lived to the University of Western Australia to help us build the organisation, sell Red Flag, fight cuts to higher education and campaign for refugee rights.
Amber was always the one leading impromptu paper sales, organising extra chalking and postering for demonstrations, selling far more copies of Red Flag than anyone else on stalls. Even when she was in her most depressed state, she always told me that socialist activism and fighting for a better world was the one thing that made life worth living. Rarely have I met a comrade so determined and dedicated.
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