The Face of Homophobia

London’s LGBT Community was left with another reminder that hate crime is alive and well in the capital at the weekend after one of its most celebrated characters was badly beaten and kicked, along with his partner, in a horrific attack.
The day after IDAHO was celebrated with a flashmob in Trafalgar Square and a week after the UK was declared the best place in Europe if you are LGBT, the grimly ironic attack happened in Betts Park, where Polari Magazine’s editor Christopher Bryant and his partner Damon were walking home from a dinner to celebrate his birthday.
The couple were robbed and homophobic language was used as the attackers, who chased and outran their victims, beat and kicked Bryant to the ground and continued to kick his face after he tried to defend his partner. Both needed hospital treatment.
Police are looking for his attackers but it seems that CCTV footage pick them up.
Our deepest feelings of sorrow and anger go out to Christopher and Damon.