Schools OUT Will Be 40 Next Year!

Schools OUT UK will be celebrating its 40th anniversary on 10th May 2014 in Manchester.
Co-chair Sue Sanders writes: We really want to link up with the people who have worked with us over the years
We put out one list last week here is an up date
Brian Honeyball, Nettie Pollard, Howard Levenson, Margaret Bollan, Pat Herd, Leonard and Gladys Warburton, Sian Owen, Paul Allen, Larkin Coulter, Steve Cohen, Carol Turner
Schools OUT will be 40 in 2014!
We will be holding a big event in Manchester 10th May 2014 to celebrate
Our present day success is based on hours of work from teachers, lectures social workers, students social workers and people who were passionate about education being a safe space for LGBT people Since 1974
We are looking to contact and invite all old activists for Gay Teachers group/socialist alliance and Schools OUT
Peter Bradley, Paul Thurlow Jane Dillon, Gilly Salvat, Alan Jackson, Andrew Stark, Ghulam Sarawari, Frederick D’Aguiar, Kevin Dunn, Bernard Reagan, Deidre Woods, Tony Gard, Jane Dixon, Eric King, Geoff Hardy, Steve Burwood, John Warburton,
This is not a comprehensive list, so if you were involved in any way or know someone who was
Please contact
There will be some like our beloved Paul Patrick who will have died, if you know them please let us know so we can honour them on the night and on the website.
This is our history and as the initiators of LGBT History Month we are mindful we make history too!
So we will record the event and make sure that this crucial history of how we have moved from obscurity as LGBT people in the classroom through section 28 to the place where thanks to legislation where we can be protected if we are out as teachers and pupils and the Equality act and the Public duty requires education to acknowledge us. We have played our part in the process and provide resources and support for the work The Classroom website and Educate and Celebrate are leaders in the field.
Join us for a momentous day celebrating LGBT issues in Education Manchester 10th May 2014