Marriage Bill Saved

The Same-Sex Marriage Bill has been passed in the Commons by 366 votes to 161. Mirroring its passage in New Zealand on April 17th, applause greeted the announcement by the Speaker John Bercow.
The Bill was thought to be saved on Monday after Labour agreed to to support it and reject the Tim Loughton amendment┬áto open civil partnerships to opposite sex couples. Although the amendment would have ‘levelled the playing field’, Maria Miller and David Cameron argued it was a wrecking amendment as it would have delayed the introduction of same sex marriage and would have cost billions had it been passed. However, it will mean that same sex couples can enter the institution of marriage outside religious premises where it is not supported, whilst straight couples will not be allowed to enter civil partnerships. Thus, they argue, the law remains discriminatory.
The Same Sex Marriage Bill now goes to the House of Lords.