Bisi Alimi: Black LGBT People Go back a Long Way

Nigerian LGBT rights activist Bisi Alimi has launched an attack on journalists and commentators who work on the assumption “that being black equates to a limited understanding of human sexuality” Following Jason Collins’ coming out, Bisi claims, many have reported the event as some kind of milestone on the road to LGBT equality for the black community. Some, he says, saw it as “giving hope to the black race.”
Focusing on the¬†campaigning¬†of ’60s gay activist Bayard Rustin in particular, Bisi says he welcomes Collins’ decision, but reminds us that black men and women have fought for LGBT equality throughout history.
Bisi adds: “From the past, I will like to bring you quickly to the present, and one of the biggest black female basketball players in America.
“Before Jason, there was Brittney Griner. She has been very open about being a lesbian and, despite this, her achievements are still considered among the most inspiring in the WNBA.
“In Britain, LGBT activist Linda Bellos is one of the most prominent black lesbians and part of the group who started Black History Month in the UK. I have had the humbling pleasure of meeting her and also sharing platform with her.”
Bisi also pays tribute to LGBT History Month patron and retired basketball pro John Amaechi. To read the full article go here