Portsmouth Says Balls to Homophobia

After a report by the NUS found that LGBT students are put off joining sports, the University of Portsmouth Athletic Union (AU) decided to launch their own campaign to show their support.
The Balls to Homophobia campaign aims to ‘break down any barriers between LGBT students and sports’ and encourages athletes to be comfortable with their sexuality and express it no matter what sports they play.
The NUS surveyed 845 LGBT students and found that 37.8% were not comfortable with expressing their sexuality with coaches and teammates.
With the help of the LGBT society, the AU wants to show mass support from players. VP Sports Cat Redding announced on 7th March that every sports captain will be wearing a ‘Balls to Homophobia’ armband at Varsity, where nearly 50 sports are taking place.
Cameron Brennan from the LGBT society took it upon himself to create a website and Facebook page to help the campaign get some more publicity under its wings.
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