Moldova Court prosecutes Website over 'Gay Blacklist'

A Court in Moldova has ruled that a website has violated the right to private life and abetted hatred after it published a “black list” of public figures who allegedly promote homosexuality.
A year ago, on his blog, Vitalie Marian labeled some public individuals working in press, governmental bodies or civil activists as promoters of homosexual behavior. The post was later published by portal “Moldova Noastra” (“Our Moldova”), adding new names to the list.
The court ruled that the manager of the website “Moldova Noastra” who published the extended “black list” should remove the controversial list of names and pay 5,000 Lei ($400) in compensation to each complainant. Although the list is longer, only six persons complained to the court. The tribunal claimed that the list violated the right to private life and discriminated based on sexual orientation.
Freelance journalist Denis Cenusa is one of the persons to be put on the list by “Moldova Noastra” website. He sued the website over the list together with five other persons.
“I welcome the decision of the court by which this particular black list will be erased and prohibited from spreading in the future,” Denis Cenusa told MOLDOVA.ORG.
The young man praises the court’s decision saying that “it creates a positive legal precedent against the hatred based on the discrimination of the sexual minorities.”
Denis believes that such court rulings should exist in any country that claims to be protecting human rights.