Caribbean Island Legalises Same-Sex Marriage While French Law Sparks Debate

The upcoming legalization of same-sex marriage in France is predicted to spark debate in its remaining Caribbean territories, while same-sex marriage on the Dutch held island of Saba has lead to an upsurge of visitors.
The Dutch Caribbean territory of Saba is reporting an upswell of LGBT tourists following the legalization of same-sex marriage there.
The island saw its first legally recognized same-sex marriage on December 4 between Xiomar Alexander Gonzalez and Israel Ernesto Ruiz who exchanged vows in a civil ceremony at the island’s courthouse.
The wedding was also the first legal marriage between a couple of the same-sex anywhere in the Caribbean and Central American regions, and the island is expecting an influx of couples seeking to wed there from nearby islands.
‘We’ve seen it as a human rights issue,’ openly gay Saba council member Carl Buncamper was reported as saying by Caribbean360.
‘It is important to give the partners equal rights when it comes to inheritance and other benefits.’
The Dutch government has its island territories of Bonaire and St Eustatius on a timetable to follow suit with Saba. However its other territories in the region, Aruba, Curacao and St Maarten will decide the issue at their own pace despite already being obliged to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.
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