Safety Walk in Brighton

Come walk, roll, skate, dance and chant down the streets of Brighton to remind the city (and ourselves) that we have every right to walk safely at night.
We aren’t just here to reclaim one night. We’re here to fight for our safety every night of every week of every month of every year. We won’t go away until we win. Are you with us?
Let’s reclaim the night in Brighton and show those who would deny us the right to walk the streets without fear, that they are not welcome in our city.
The march will end with a rally, so if you are unable to join us on the street, please do come along later in the evening.
A buddy system will be in place for those who don’t want to walk alone – further details will be posted closer to the time.
Please note that this march is open to all genders.
Route TBC
If you’d like to get involved, post a message on Facebook, email us at or come along to one of our meetings!