Putting The Rainbow in the Olympics/Paralympics

Did I dream it or were there two male dancers kissing in the forefront while Coldplay were doing one of their many songs last night?
Either way, we can thank Stephen Daldry for ensuring that there were covert and overt references to the rainbow in the four ceremonies surrounding the Olympics and Paralympics. There were 25 out participants worldwide and a rescued-at-the-eleventh-hour Pride House set up shop in Greenwich.
But were the Olympics representative enough of the LGBT community? And, in a world where many athletes would land up in prison – or worse – if they came out, did London to enough to promote an inclusive legacy. More to the point, what can we do to make sure that the Winter Olympics at Sochi Park don’t become a triumph of homophobia?
Kevin Childs addresses these questions and more in his Huffington Post article, which you can read here. Be warned, he might rain on your fireworks.