Tatchell Tells Olympic Committee to Do Its Job

Human Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell demanded theĀ International Olympic Committee take Russia to task for their illegal and unilateral decision to ban Pride House from the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.
At a protest held outside the Sochi reception tent next to Albert Memorial during the London Olympics, Tatchell voiced his outrage at the Russian decision and reminded everyone how many countries outlawed same sex relationships and denied their people basic human rights. Tony Fenwick from LGBT History Month also spoke and said that the LGBT community was worldwide and that when someone hurt one of us they hurt us all.
In the photo from left to right Jason Bird, Tony Fenwick (LGBT History Month), James Howorth (PA to Peter Tatchell), Raks Patel (The Umbrella Organisation), Peter Tatchell, Megan Worthing-Davies (Pride Sports) and Bette Bourne (actor and performer). Carl Schultz of the Federation of Gay Games took pictures.