Gay Bletchley MP Supports Turing Pardon Bill

Iain Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South, which includes Bletchley, co-supported the Bill calling for a posthumous pardon for the maths and computing genius Alan Turing. The gay Tory MP, who recently launched a debate in the Commons about homophobic bullying in schools, is among 3 MPs supporting Lord Sharkey’s bill, introduced on the 25th of May.
The Liberal Democrat Peer Lord Sharkey, who runs a management consultancy in London, lobbied unsuccessfully for a pardon in during LGBT History Month this year, but after an e-petition and a lot of national and international support a campaign developed, he introduced a Private Members Bill which is said to have been received with support from all sides.
There is still time to sign the petition calling for a pardon and if you wish to do so click here. If you want to sign a petition calling for Alan Turing’s head to be on the new £10 note click here.
2012 is the Alan Turing centenary year is being marked by a host of international celebrations, chaired by Barry Cooper, Professor of maths at Leeds University. He said to The Guardian in May: This is a great step forward, especially at a time when the eyes of the world are on us because of the Olympic Games. Remember that, amid all his other achievements, Alan Turing would almost certainly have run for Britain in the last London Olympics in 1948, had it not been for an injury. His scientific significance is colossal, and yet we have this blot on our history that is just not going to go away until we secure a pardon.
The Turing Centenary celebrations have been beyond what anyone expected, with over 30 countries staging events from Mexico to Finland, New Zealand, Taiwan, Korea, Switzerland and the USA etc etc. Quite amazing. And the outcome of this is an international focus on the UK recognition of Turing, and our willingness to at least attempt some sort of straightening of the record.
To read the full article from The Northerner blog in The Guardian, go here.