Church helps Putin Revive Stalinism

The Russian Orthodox Church helped Vladimir Putin to return to the dark days of Stalinism in a black day for the LGBT community yesterday. Demonstrations took place around the world – including London – against the two year sentences for Pussy Riot members for hooliganism. The women have already been in custody for five months.
Meanwhile, judges in the Russian capital have banned Pride for 100 years lest it disturb the peace on the streets of Moscow. Campaigners, including Pride organiser Nicolai Alexandrov have vowed to take their fight to the Court of Human Rights.
While the Russian media claims that the sentences against pussy Riot members were popular, Independent and Evening Standard owner Alexander Lebvedev¬†said¬†in an extraordinary interview on radio 4’s Today programme that Putin controls everything and would have had the power to decide on their sentences. He added that he would like to sell off all his interests in Russia as a protest but that trade laws, which Putin also controls might prevent it.