25 Trans Women detained in Athens

Greek and International trans activists are demanding to know why 25 trans women were detained and subjected to AIDS tests on the night of August the 9th in Athens. The 25 were allegedly taken in without explanation, detained at the Central Athens Police Station, and forced to undergo an AIDS test administered by the Centre for Disease Control. After they were all found to be HIV negative they were released.
According the Greek Transgender Support Association trans people are deprived of basic human rights such as the right to work, be insured and access the health services, owing to the Greek State’s refusal to protect trans rights.
“We also deem the forced and obligatory tests by the C.D.C. to be in breach of basic human rights. This is because the way the tests are performed, coupled with the complete lack of deontology and the specific conditions under which they take place, are not those of a European country nor of a just State”.