TUC Slams Boris and Westminster

In a statement on the eve of its LGBT Conference, the Trades Union Congress has lain the blame for the drastic eleventh hour reductions in the London World Pride Parade, rally and Soho celebrations firmly at the door of Westminster Council and the Mayor of London.
In a statement calling for representatives of the LGBT community to meet and devise a strategy to avoid the repeat of such a fiasco, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “In the year of World Pride, when we should be celebrating greater LGBT equality at home, and campaigning for more  abroad, it’s shameful that the main agencies responsible for enabling Pride to happen – the Mayor of London and Westminster City Council – have insisted on drastic reductions in the event, at a week’s notice.
“London should be proud about celebrating its first ever World Pride. Instead, people will be asking why plans have been changed at the last minute and questioning the capital’s commitment to LGBT equality.”
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