14 Out Participants in the Olympics

If anyone needed proof that we need to have ‘gay games’ and special LGBT sports events, they only need to look at the number of out lesbian and gay (sic) participants at this year’s Olympics. Although up on Beijing and Athens, the number of openly lesbian and gay participants is 14. They are: Matthew Mitcham (Australia, diving); Edward Gal (Netherlands, equestrian); Lisa Raymond (U.S., doubles tennis); Judith Arndt(Germany, cycling); Seimone Augustus (U.S., basketball); Imke Duplitzer (Germany, fencing); Megan Rapinoe (U.S. soccer); Marilyn Agliotti (Netherlands, field hockey); Maartje Paumen (Netherlands, field hockey); Natalie Cook (Australia, beach volleyball); Alexandra Lacrabère (France, handball); Jessica Landström (Sweden, soccer); and Carole Péon (France, triathlon) and Jessica Harrison (France, triathlon). Péon and Harrison are a couple.
Looks good until you clock that there are 12,602 participants in total. If one in six of the world’s population, 762 participants should be LGB. Excluding participants from countries where same sex relations are outlawed, the number should be in the hundreds.
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