The AG Says Goodbye to Sue after 13 Years

LGBT History Month co chair Sue Sanders was awarded a commendation on her last meeting of the London LGBT Advisory Group. Sue helped to found the group in 1999 and has worked on it and supported it with her renowned vigour and commitment for 13 years.
During a warm farewell speech thanking her for her passion and tenacity, Denise Milani, the Director of Diversity and Citizen Focus said she recognised that the relationship had not always been easy but that her work had helped the police to recognise the needs of LGBT people. As an ex-teacher, Denise expressed gratitude for the work Sue does in working in education to make schools and colleges a safe space and to educate out prejudice. The LGBT members of the group also thanked her for her long stint and said they knew that they would miss her, although the meetings would be a lot quieter without her!
Sue thanked everyone for their kindness expressed her sadness in going, but she felt that 13 years was far too long and she was making way for younger people to carry on the vital work the group did. She said she was proud of the intial work that had been done to set up the group, as it had produced a vibrant and diverse group. They had taught the police that an advisory group can’t be boxed by one issue and consequently ‘we’ needed to – and often did; to their frustration until they got it – intervene on grounds of race, age and disability. She commended the group for the massive work they had done in campaigning for effective LGBT liasion officers; training family liasion officers on LGBT issues; producing policy for the police to follow on trans issues etc. …the list was long.
However, she concluded, the work is not done and there is still much to achieve as the focus changes and people become less aware of diversity issues. Training is clearly a very big need, so the advisory group is every bit as important as it has always been.
The AG, as it has come to be affectionately known, is an entirely voluntary group and it is recruiting now. So if you want to make a positive difference have a look at its website