Australian Star Comes Out and Launches a Missive

Kath and Kim star Magda Szubanski has come out as a lesbian and posed the question “How come serial killers can get married but we can’t?” to her government. British-born Szubanski, 50, who plays Sharon Strzelecki, stool pigeon to the two main characters, came out on Australian TV on Valentine’s Day 2012 and used the opportunity to voice her support for same sex marriage.
She said: “We pay taxes, fight wars for this country, nurse you when you are sick, make you laugh, sing and dance for you, play netball for you, star in your movies, cook your meals, decorate your store windows. And, chances are, gay people designed whatever it is you’re wearing. “All Australians, including gay Australians, should have exactly the same rights, including the right to love, marry and take care of our partners.”
On the current iniquity of Australian marriage rules, she said: “The law means that you could be a serial killer and have killed all of your spouses and yet you would still be considered fit to marry. But if you are gay, then you are not worthy of these same rights.”
Two private members’ bills were introduced at the parliament of Australia this week and would give equal marriage rights to gay couples if they can muster more support.
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