Past Participants

Past Participants was a diary produced by the Only Women’s Press in 1984. We thank Lillian Mohin and Anna Wilson for permission to reproduce their work here.
In the diary they had information with pictures on the following lesbians. Click on the name to see an image of the relevant book page.
Catherine Philips 1631-1664
Anne Bonney and Mary Read
Elizabeth Carter 1717-1806
Hannah Snell 1723-1792
Mary Ann Talbot 1778-1803
Anna Jameson 1794 -1860
James Miranda Barry 1799-1865
Geraldine Jewsbury 1812-1880
Frances Power Cobbe 1822-1904
Emily Faithfull 1835-1895
Sophia Jex-Blake 1840-1912
Eleanor Jourdian 1863-1924
Cicely Hamilton 1872-1952
Ethyl Smyth 1854-1944
Edith Craig 1869-1947
Maud Allan 1870-1956
Lilian Barker 1874-1955
Eleanor Rathbone 1872-1946
Gluck 1895-1978
Nancy Spain 1917-1964